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Prepare Whirlwind Kick
Whirlwind Kick
Prepare Axe Kick
Axe Kick
Prepare Round Kick
Round Kick
Spin Kick Stance
Spin Kick
Break Fall
Flying Side Kick
Peaceful Rest
Enjoyable Rest
Fighting Chant
Warm Wind
Taekwon Jump
Taekwon Mission
Feeling of the SMS
Warmth of the Sun
Warmth of the Moon
Warmth of the Stars
Hatred of the SMS
Fury of the Sun
Fury of the Moon
Fury of the Stars
Comfort of the Sun
Comfort of the Moon
Comfort of the Stars
Blessing of the Sun
Blessing of the Moon
Blessing of the Stars
Demon of the SMS
Companion of the SMS
Knowledge of the SMS
Union of the SMS
SLS Miracle
Extra Skill
SLS Angel
Extra Skill